Ribspreader: 'I said AAAAAAAHH!'

Ribspreader: 'I said AAAAAAAHH!' Hot

Markus Skroch   18. März 2009  
Ribspreader: 'I said AAAAAAAHH!'


Mit der Veröffentlichung des grandiosen "Opus Ribcage" zeigen Ribspreader, wie Old-School-Death-Metal zu klingen hat. Wir fühlten Main-Man Roger "Rogga" Johansson auf den Zahn.

Das Interview

1. (Hörspiegel): Your new album "Opus Ribcage" is a fantastic old school death metal release.
I am totally impressed by this album. Are you happy with the end result?

(Rogga): We are very satisfied with the album, its really very much the way we wanted it to become. The idea we had was to mix the usual sweidsh sound we havehad before with more groovy and utterly basic oldschool Amercian death metal, like the simpler parts of Death, Massacre and Six Feet Under and I think we made it the best we could.

2. Not only the music, but also the production sounds very old school. The guitars have the HM-2 fuzz distortion and even the drums sound as if they come out of the Sunlight studio from the early 90s.
Please tell us about the production.

(Rogga): Ronnie, our new drummer, did the mixing and producing based on our ideas. We basically told him to mix the Sunlight sound with the sound of the "Across the open sea" album by Unleashed. And if you listen to that album and think of Sunlights sound you´ll hear that its the total mix of these two sounds. Ronnie really did exactly waht we wanted him to do.

3. Speaking of old school death metal, what are your favourite bands? Which bands do you think inspired you the most?

(Rogga): I listen to a lot of bands and different music, but as far as oldschool bands go I think Massacre has been the biggest inspiration. Grave and early Cannibal Corpse has been great inspirations too, and stuff like Vomitory and Driller Killer and Disfear has also been huge influences. Not that Driller killer or Disfear is death metal, but to me its equally good music with the same feeling and groove.

4. Dea (Another Life) is back in Ribspreader and I heard he also wrote songs for "Opus Ribcage". Do you write songs together in the rehearsal room, or does everybody write songs on their own and then share it with the others?

(Rogga): Usually in Ribspreader we just write songs on our own, and then record them together. Sometimes we write only 90% of a song on our own and then come up with the rest together.

5. In 2006 Ribspreader recorded an album called "Serenity In Obscenity" which never was released. What is the story behind this?

(Rogga): Actually it was recorded in 2005 I think, but after massive delays and the return of andreas to the band we decided to scrap the stuff and do another album in 2006 instead, wich is the "Opus Ribcage" album that is released now. A couple of songs from the "Serenity In Obscenity" has been released on a vinyl EP named "Vicar Mortis" and the rest of the songs will be released on the massive double cd VIC Records is planning wich will include the first two Ribspreader albums aswell as all our Ep´s and splits and the demo collection we did some years back too.

6. As you might know, I'm a big Dan Swanö fan and I found out about Ribspreader because of Dan. Not everyone knows that you did vocals for "Crimson II" from Edge of Sanity. How was it to be a part of such a legendary band? What do you think about this album?

(Rogga): It was a very strange and very cool feeling to be asked by Dan to do the vocals on "Crimson II", wich i guess anyone could udnerstand. It all went very smooth and we had a really fun time with growling and beers, as it should be. For myslef I cant really think of "Crimson II" as a Edge of Sanity album like I did back in the days, and the same goes for that album the rest of the guys did with Roberth on vocals too.
For me its only the early albums up til the first Crimson album that is really classic Edge of Sanity, but I think thats normal. I mean, as soon as you yourself get invloved in something you have always admired and loved it changes a bit. So I really like the "Crimson II" album but it´ll never be a real Edge of Sanity album for me as I am on itmyself and that feels rather strange.

7. Now I have a very special questions which might make you wonder. ;)
In almost every album that you made in one song there is a part which goes like this:
"AHHHHHHH .... I said AAAAAAAHH!" (AAAAAH = random death metal scream)
On the new one it is in "Septic Severance" and then also in the song "Bleeding you dry". What's the deal with this?

(Rogga): Thats something I took from Kam Lee and Massacre, and he took it from Celtic Frost. But those guys do it like "Hey, I said heeeey". I think its fun to do, and it sounds both cool and stupid at the same time, so I like to use it as not many others do these days.

8. Where can we get the Vicar Mortis EP?

(Rogga): The label has sold out I think, so the only copies left, besides ebay or distros, should be the ones I have at home. I have maybe 50 copies of them left so if anyone would be intersted they should drop me a mail at our Myspace. Be prepared to pay though haha, postage is a bitch here in Sweden.

9. What's up next for you?

(Rogga): Not much, slowly we´re finishing the next Ribspreader and Paganizer is back together again rehearsing, with Andreas in the band too. we are doing some festivals this summer so that´ll be cool. Besides that I have a since long finished album laying around that is now just waiting for bass and vocals to be added, wich will be done by Johan from This haven/Demiurg and Kam Lee actually. It´ll be very cool, its actually probably the best stuff I have written, wich might not say much haha.

10. Thank you very much for this interview. The last words belong to you.

(Rogga): Thanx for the interview, be sure to buy the Ribspreader album : )



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