Another Life - 'Let it speak for itself'

Another Life - 'Let it speak for itself' Hot

Markus Skroch   14. Februar 2009  
Another Life - 'Let it speak for itself'


Jüngst erschien das Debüt-Album der Schwedischen Band "Another Life". Wir nutzten die Chance, Mastermind Andreas Karlsson ein paar Fragen zu stellen.

Das Interview

Markus Skroch (Hörspiegel): Congratulations to your fantastic "Memories from Nothing" album! Since it took a few years to be released, how do you feel now since it is finally out?

Andreas (Another Life): Thanks.. I’m glad you like it. It feels fantastic to have the debut album out. Finally I can go to the next level with Another Life and focus on forthcoming stuff. Under those years of waiting I lost most of my inspiration for Another Life.. but now I have more inspiration than ever and the next album will be perfect.. At least I hope so :)

Hörspiegel: When did you found Another Life?

Andreas: Around 2002 if I remember right. I was so tired of death metal at the time. I remember when we recorded the first half of “Murder Death Kill” (Paganizer) I was so negative about the whole thing. My focus was on Another Life at that time. So I guess that was the time I quit Paganizer and start to work with Another Life at full time.

Hörspiegel: Dan Swanö helped you with keyboards and production since the demo. Was Dan also involved in songwriting? How long have you known Dan and who are the other bandmembers?

Andreas: Yeah Dan is so kind and helpful. I’m so glad to have him in this band BUT not as a member. No Dan was never involved with the songwriting. He just wrote the keyboard parts and that’s it.
Hmm at the time there are no bandmembers. But there will be :) had a full band and we rehearsed and everything.. but I was not ready to play live at that time. My focus was to get the album released. So I can tell you about the bandmembers next time you will do an interview whit me :)

Hörspiegel: The music we heard from you before was death metal with the bands Paganizer and Ribspreader.
Another Life is totally different, very melodic and featuring your clean vocals. Did you always play other music than death metal?

Andreas: No at the beginning when I start to play guitar it was just death metal but I have always listen to other kind of music styles. And I guess that I never will say goodbye to death.. Right now Rogga and I are planning a new Ribspreader and I will do the growl on the forthcoming Sinners Burn album

Hörspiegel: Compared to Ribspreader, Another Life shows much more of what's going on in the person Andreas Karlsson. The music and lyrics sound very emotional. How do you feel about revealing more of your inner self?

Andreas: I don’t think I reveal myself. The lyrics are written so you can make your own fantasy of it. Sometimes maybe you can find yourself in them. Everything is about a fantasy world that I guess most of us would like to travel to sometimes..

Hörspiegel: When listening to the lyrics I had the feeling it is a mixture of "sad love stories" and fantasy. Please tell us more about the lyrics.

Andreas: You are right. Most of the time love is sad, hard, and nothing works out as you wish. I like to sing about sad stuff. It gets the right feeling. Can’t tell you much about it. Let it speak for it self.

Hörspiegel: I was really impressed by some of the guitar solos.
Sometimes I have the feeling that there must be something in the water in Scandinavia that lets the musicians sing and play better than others. So, is it the water, or have you sold your soul to the devil? ;)

Andreas: Haha.. I guess I have sold my soul.. Well for the guitar solos you have to thank Per Fransson. I have never meet him but he can play the guitar pretty well hehe.

Hörspiegel:. A lot of time passed since you recorded "Memories from Nothing". Looking back at the record, what would you change now?

Andreas: I guess I have already rewritten every vocal part on the songs. They are all in my head but sadly not at the album. I had tuned up the guitars to D. It’s tuned B at the album.. But when it was done back in 2006 I was really proud of it..

Hörspiegel: Do you plan to play live, or is Another Life more like a studio project for you?

Andreas: I don’t want Another Life to be a project. I just need to find the right band members. I will work on that after Christmas.. I hope you will see Another Life on he road 2009.

Hörspiegel: What are your future plans?

Andreas: Finding band members. Start recording a new album. A double album with one soft and one harder side. Promote this album as good as I can..

Hörspiegel: Thank you for answering our questions. I hope you will get the attention you deserve with Another Life.
The last words are up to you.

Andreas: Thanks for the interview.

Hope you all will get a cool 2009 and if I’m not drinking beer every weekend I hope you will do it for me Haha



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